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Numerous surveys reveal that the blockchain space has way fewer women than men. It is a fact! But, we would like to change that narrative.. Not all at once, but bit by bit. Tezos India Fellowship 2.0 is determined to encourage girls and women with the confidence, tools, expertise and support to enter, and evolve, in the world of blockchain!

“The common misconception about women in our space is that they think that we are non-technical. A lot of women we know are already software programmers or at least have some fundamentals blockchain programming experience or basic coding experience.” — Katherine Ng, APAC Marketing Head, TZ APAC

Empowering women coders

“Crypto vis-a-vis Blockchain is a new technology, so everybody is a beginner. So we’re at the ground floor here, and what that means is women have the opportunity to get in at the start of a new industry. Previous experience in crypto does not exist.” — Flori Marquez, Co-founder of Blockfi

This makes it the perfect time for anybody (not just men / even women) to try their hands on a new technology that will be a game changer in the coming years.

But, first we need you to take a step towards this big leap.

It is widely believed that the blockchain community, like finance and technology in general, is almost exclusively male-dominated — the ”bro’s club”. It is time to change that precedent. Over the past few years, the ratio of women in blockchain has been steadily increasing. While there is more awareness at the leadership levels, it fades away when it comes to new entrants. We need to push this number higher for a more gender inclusive community.

It is believed that women in tech, however, tend to overachieve, study more, and expand their expertise legitimately just so they can get in this space. Yet, they are inhibited from entering this space. But why should they be?

Societal norms restrict women to take up challenging roles, times are changing. Women should be breaking stereotypes. Like men, we have the equal opportunity to explore the unknown. Most of the time, we will have to grab it by the reins and design a unique path for ourselves.

“Those best fit to realize a vision of a better future are the ones who experience the margins.” — Navi, UX Designer of Cryptonomic Tech

Building on Tezos

People can use it for cool stuff. The whole notion of programming value, however that’s construed, or programming transactions, is very powerful.” — Kathleen Breitman, Co-Founder of Tezos

Working on the Tezos blockchain has become easier with some background knowledge of coding. Tezos is an open-source platform that enables developers to build next-gen decentralized applications and assets. You can overcome all hurdles while building on Tezos as it is backed by a strong global community of developers, researchers, and validators who are ever ready to help new builders on Tezos.

“It has been a wonderful experience building on Tezos, not just because of the vibrant and diverse developer community but also because the ecosystem is growing bigger and better every single day. It is a robust chain and a solid ecosystem to bank on.” — Tarusha Mittal, COO of OroPocket

It is absolutely OKAY to go out of your comfort zone and try and experiment new things. We are here to boost women’s economic opportunities and encourage engagement in blockchain.

We believe the need of the hour is for women to step out of their shell and build a distinctive path for themselves in this domain. The success of the hardworking women above proves that determination, resilience and talent will continue to propel all women forward.

This year Tezos India Foundation is launching “Tezos India Fellowship 2.0” — An 8-week mentor led program that boosts learning, growth and development of developers across India. Shortlisted participants are also entitled to a stipend of $2,000 and additional grant support for mind-blowing blockchain ideas.

We strive for increasing the number of women in the blockchain community, and therefore we strongly encourage female developers to apply.

Apply here.

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