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The Tezos India Fellowship, an Eight-week intensive mentor-led program, has been a landmark event for the Tezos ecosystem in India. Its launch in July 2020 led to an unprecedented amount of interest in developers to build the next generation of decentralized infrastructure on Tezos.

The Tezos India Fellowship is paving the way for the next generation of Tezos devs building the Web 3.0.


In Numbers 🔢

🔹 $1500 USD Stipend

🔹 1400+ Applications

🔹 10 Brilliant Fellows

🔹 8 intense weeks

🔹 7 Outstanding Projects

Tools used:

Dev environment– Bundle-react and Tezster-CLI

Language– SmartPy

Dapp Wallet– Thanos WalletTezbridge

JS Library– TaquitoConseilJs

Oracle– OroHarbinger

Check them out 👇

📜 CricTez

CricTez is a fantasy cricket platform.

CricTez — The Platform represents each cricket player participating in the league as multiple Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the form of Cards/Collectibles. Each Card/Collectible is unique to card score and ownership. The Card Score is calculated considering the real performance of the player and the previous card score. Users can buy/sell cards on the in-built online marketplace and build their team.

🛠️ uses SmartPy, Thanos Wallet, Tezos Taquito, Oro oracle, Bundle-react


📜 BettingPool

Platform to earn XTZ with opportunity cost being the only risk.

The application provides users with an easy method to lock in their funds directly to a smart contract and get a chance to earn rewards on a cryptocurrency they were already holding.

🛠️ uses SmartPy, Thanos Wallet, Oro oracle, Bundle-react, Tezster-CLI


📜 TezQF

A Quadratic Funding and CLR matching based grants platform.

TezQF is a crowdfunding platform based on the concept of quadratic funding and CLR matching. The main motivation behind this platform is the growing number of projects in the Tezos ecosystem which requires community support and grants, and it is tough for the Tezos Foundation to reach out and help a large number of budding projects. TezQF provides a common platform for the same. We have a DAO based structure integrated with a token voting mechanism to keep the proceedings as decentralized as possible.

🛠️ uses Thanos Wallet, SmartPy, Tezos Taquito, Bundle-react


📜 Token Subscriptions

Recurring subscriptions for set & forget token transfers

The concept is to enable replay-able transactions that can be set once. These are signed and are then executed by a miner. The transfer takes place P2P.

🛠️ uses Tezos Taquito, Tezbridge, SmartPy, Bundle-react, Tezster-CLI


📜 TrueSwap

💡 Truly Decentralized Atomic Swap for P2P trading

TrueSwap is a decentralized exchange based on the atomic swap protocol. The atomic swap protocol basically allows trading crypto-currencies peer-to-peer without any trusted third-party or centralized systems.

🛠️ uses SmartPy, ConseilJs, Harbinger


📜 Tijori

💡 DAO managed project funding

Tijori is a robust platform allowing investors to invest money in an upcoming project and hold a stake in the project through tokens that can be traded in the future.

🛠️ uses SmartPy, Tezos Taquito, Thanos Wallet, IPFS, Bundle-react


📜 Vikalp

💡 Securities (options) & exchange platform

Vikalp is a securities Platform on the Tezos ecosystem. Users can purchase securities contracts as well as provide liquidity to the contract.

🛠️ uses SmartPy, Tezos Taquito, Oro, Thanos wallet


Kudos to all the 10 amazing developers who pushed their boundaries of creativity, hard work to come up with these amazing projects. We hope they continue their journey into the Web3 world and #keepbuilding.

keep watching this space for more information on our upcoming Hackathons near you. We will soon be coming with the announcement of the next fellowship program, meanwhile, follow us on Twitter, and don’t miss any update regarding ongoing or upcoming hackathon.

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