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We have worked with one of the best brand in the industry to bring blockchain to the world.

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Blockchain Solutions by Tezos India

Tezos India is one of the leading blockchain adoption entities in India. We design blockchain strategies for companies and developers by working closely with experts and stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem.

Grants Deployment

Secure ecosystem grants to support the technical implementation of Tezos in your projects.

Development Support

Get developers for your project from a global pool of Tezos blockchain developers, development tools, and open source solutions.

Strategic Advisory

We act as a strategic advisor and partner for all of our grantees, ensuring that every project creates maximum impact.

Project Management

We assist your team across all stages of your blockchain project, from conceptualisation to implementation and launch.


Ensure your blockchain news hits the headlines in India and across the globe with our Tezos India marketing, media distribution and internal communications support.


We help you build your team for the projects from the best talent pool of the ecosytem.

Build on Tezos

Tezos India is committed to supporting the innovation and growth of the Tezos ecosystem.

The Ecosystem Growth Grants (EGG) program issues early-stage grants to support projects that focus on the following:

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What problem your are solving and how you are solving


How good your team is and can it build the product that you intend to build


How much support you have from the community


What do you need to build you product and how we can help you

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