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SheCrypt is a Tezos India initiative committed to empowering women in crypto, celebrating their accomplishments, and educating women on the options available to them.

We’re here to assist aspiring female blockchain enthusiasts on their path to success as blockchain is a booming area with enormous potential.

 We are organising various activities like Panel discussions where one can learn about the technical aspects as well as the possible business and societal implications from professionals, Mentorship sessions where you can meet with accomplished women in the crypto sector to educate and assist you on your crypto journey.

Tezos India has made a concerted effort to educate and empower women programmers, as well as to assist them in establishing a successful career path. We have also launched Tezos clubs and students chapters at various universities, where we guide students on how to build on blockchain.

We aim to do the same with the SheCrypt campaign.

We believe that it is imperative to create a positive experience for people participating in this event and we want to present this as an opportunity for our contestants to learn, grow and excel. Here is what’s in it for you:

  • Participate from anywhere: Our diverse campaign allows you to participate in online sessions from anywhere in the world.
  • Workshops, Masterclasses & AMAs: We will be hosting knowledge-sharing sessions on various blockchains. This will definitely add value to your learning curve (than before).
  • Mentorship support: Pair up with mentors, brainstorm ideas, challenges and solutions with the leading industry experts.
  • Simply apply and participate: Register on our platform completely free of cost.
  • Cool Swag: Receive branded merchandise and goodies from Tezos India for zealous participation. 
  • Experience your blockchain journey with us.

We have speakers from various blockchain industries, who are not just influential people with soaring careers but are also Trend breakers who tamed the blockchain industries. They will not only provide you with information about the blockchain world to guide you  but will also help you understand the importance of it.  They will share their experiences, mistakes and achievements  So that you get a better idea for the web3 world.

This campaign is designed for anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of web3 and cryptocurrency. Anyone interested in learning more about this unique and fascinating space is welcome to participate in this campaign. Attending the live sessions is completely free for the campaign. We have designed every activity for a remote audience including events, ice breaking activities and classes. Not only this, once you have completed the campaign you will receive a certificate of completion from Tezos India and you will leave with enough knowledge and experience to achieve success in the crypto industry and kickstart your career in investing.

We also have some fun activities during the campaign and some surprise rewards for the winners. So register quickly and get ready for this amazing ride.

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