Tezos College clubs

The Tezos College Clubs aims to promote awareness and adoption of
the Tezos blockchain technology among college students.

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Blockchain Education 

Blockchain Education 

Blockchain Education 

Blockchain Education 

Blockchain Education 


Empower college students with knowledge about the Tezos blockchain technology through informative sessions and workshops.


Encourage college students to embrace and utilize the Tezos blockchain technology for various applications, fostering its widespread integration.


Showcase the transformative power of innovation, exploring the latest trends and breakthroughs that shape the future.


Cultivate a vibrant community of Tezos enthusiasts among college students, fostering collaboration, discussion, and support for the technology.

Three month program

Short Term Curriculum

Engage in Tezos workshops, expert sessions, smart contract development, and a Tezos-focused hackathon in our 3-month program.

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One year program

Long Term Curriculum

Extend Tezos journey with advanced concepts, partnerships, conferences & internship opportunities in a year long program.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Tezos College Club?

A Tezos College Club is a student-led organization or community within a college or university that focuses on exploring and promoting the use of Tezos blockchain technology. It provides a platform for students to learn, collaborate, and engage with Tezos-related activities.

Who can join a Tezos College Club?

Tezos College Clubs are typically open to all college or university students who have an interest in blockchain technology, specifically Tezos. Membership criteria may vary depending on the club, but in general, anyone with a curiosity or enthusiasm for Tezos is welcome to join.

How can I find a Tezos College Club at my college/university?

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Location of Tezos clubs of particular colleges are marked in map.

Can I start a Tezos College Club if one doesn't exist at my college/university?

Absolutely! If there isn’t a Tezos College Club at your college/university, you have the opportunity to start one. Refer to the “Steps to Starting a Tezos Club in College” section for guidance on how to initiate and establish a Tezos College Club.

Do I need prior knowledge or experience with blockchain or Tezos to join a Tezos College Club?

No, prior knowledge or experience is not always necessary to join a Tezos College Club. These clubs often welcome students with varying levels of familiarity with blockchain technology. Clubs usually offer educational resources, workshops, and activities to help members learn and explore Tezos.

What activities can I expect from a Tezos College Club?

Tezos College Clubs may organize a variety of activities, including workshops, hackathons, guest speaker events, networking opportunities, research projects, case studies, and collaborations with other clubs or organizations. The specific activities will depend on the goals and interests of the club and its members.

Can I participate in a Tezos College Club if I'm not studying a related field?

Yes, Tezos College Clubs are open to students from various academic backgrounds. While studying a related field may provide additional context, anyone interested in blockchain technology and Tezos is welcome to join and contribute to the club’s activities.

How can a Tezos College Club benefit me?

Joining a Tezos College Club can offer several benefits, such as:

  • Learning about blockchain technology and its applications, particularly within the Tezos ecosystem.
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals, potential employers, and fellow students passionate about blockchain.
  • Hands-on experience through workshops, hackathons, and projects.
  • Building leadership and organizational skills by participating in club management and activities.
  • Access to resources, mentorship, and support within the Tezos community.

Are there any costs associated with joining a Tezos College Club?

Costs associated with joining a Tezos College Club may vary. Some clubs may have membership fees to cover operational expenses, while others may rely on sponsorships or funding from the college/university. It’s advisable to inquire about any potential costs or financial obligations before joining.

Can I contribute ideas or initiatives to a Tezos College Club?

Absolutely! Tezos College Clubs thrive on the participation and contributions of their members. Your ideas, initiatives, and suggestions are valuable and encouraged. Clubs often provide opportunities for members to propose and lead new activities or projects.